Steadfast awaits an answer

The housing project on the property next to Unisys hasn’t been decided. Because of an article appearing in the Saddleback paper, some residents apparently misunderstood that the council had approved Steadfast’s housing plan. The council approved a housing project on Los Alisos, but it was the former Kmart site, which is east of Marguerite Parkway. The council has not yet heard the proposal for the site next to Unisys. The Steadfast project is now before the Planning Commission.

Residents still have a chance to make their voices heard regarding Steadfast. The next opportunity is Jan. 9, when the Planning Commission reconvenes at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

It is important for those living near the site next to Unisys to attend the meeting. When the Planning Commission approved the project at the Kmart site, they noted that neighbors didn’t show up to object. One of the commissioners misrepresented the situation by saying neighbors near the former Kmart site wrote letters of approval. That was untrue, as no residents spoke or wrote in favor of the project.

The Planning Commission and City Council are making decisions that will have lasting impacts. Residents should tune in, as it will affect their quality of life.

Mickey MacDonald
Mission Viejo