Steadfast returns 02/20/06

Letter to the editor

The return of Steadfast to the council for the second time flaunts the legal maxim “Let the buyer beware.” This developer has had more opportunities for rezoning than most. When the buyer bought the commercially zoned property, he was aware that it was not residential or mixed use, and the risk is with Steadfast to build accordingly. Now the property has been sold with caveats restricting Target’s full use of the property within the existing zoning for the property.

Developers would love to have all property zoned residential or mixed use with today’s inflated prices. Simply cube space out and create high-density housing – the cities are forced to fend for themselves in the aftercare market.

The property is a classic forced push in a commercial zone surrounded by commercial buildings. Profit is the motive. Master plans, residents’ desires, infrastructure and traffic have all been subrogated.

Let Target develop the property commercially as it is currently zoned. To do anything else is to flaunt the citizens of Mission Viejo.

James Edward Woodin
Mission Viejo