Laugh at the Outrage

Laugh at the Outrage

Thanksgiving came and went, and the focus shifted to Black Friday. Consider the entertaining irony that Obama must be ALL IN on Black Friday, actually betting on capitalism.

Obama said to corporations, "Dangit, I'm the black president, and I need Black Friday extended!! I NEED CAPITALISM!!"

Joe Biden cautioned, "But, Mr. President, we can't go betting on capitalism...that goes against all we stand for."

"Shut up, Joe! Go spy on Hillary!"

I love the Black Friday stories.  Did you hear the story of the woman who pepper-sprayed folks at Wal-Mart in LA? For an X-Box 360. That's one way to get one!  

I saw this headline: Black-Eyes on Black Friday. There were more than black eyes, as one person was SHOT and KILLED. This was Occupy Black Friday: Liberals Acting Normal.

As for Thanksgiving, even the worst-off Americans have lots to be thankful for, despite Obama growing America's THANKLESS ranks. Whatever your situation is, be happy your situation is in America, and not Africa or Cuba or anywhere else! 

In America you have the chance to remedy your issue. THAT is the beauty of America. In America you can rise from being a worthless community organizer to become a worthless president, if you have enough snake oil.

Nevertheless, there is a group who can't be satisfied--The Progressive Liberal Utopians, "The Plutopians." Even when a Plutonian's cup is half empty, they want a BIGGER CUP! Plutopians are ingrates and thieves. We can no longer satisfy their LUST for our money.  They spend our money on anything and everything!

Plutopians are not thankful. They want four more years of Obama, not because he can create jobs. He makes them feel euphoric about the destruction of America! They know Obama will figure out more clever ways to rob us!

Look at this new Congress within Congress. They accomplished nothing, except to see what America would do if they created elites within the elites! Outcome? Nothing!

That's what Congress is – elites who do nothing positive for us, but enrich themselves!  45 percent millionaires – 66 percent of the Senate and 41 percent of the House.  

Meanwhile. the rest of America are millionaires at the rate of 1 percent. No wonder they set the rules to protect themselves. Congress is the best criminal enterprise in the world. They act like they are honorable people, but they are nothing more than professional criminals.  

God bless you all,
Kevin Jackson