CUSD's Problems Grow

CUSD’s Problems Grow

Are Capo constituents aware of the following?

CUSD paid $30,000 to teach the classified union how to negotiate (Agenda August 24, 2011). The district will provide formal interest-based bargaining training for District and CSEA leadership for the facilitation of the negotiations process.

CUSD approved a retirement incentive to 158 teachers at a cost of $2 million per year for five years, $10 million total (Agenda March 28, 2012). The district approved authorizing the implementation of the PARS fixed annuity plan for certificated non-management employees. This involved 158 teachers (85 percent of salary bonus). There was little information to document the savings claimed.

CUSD approved a waiver to increase class size from 31 to 33 in kindergarten and 30 to 31 in grades 1-3. Agenda February 29, 2012.

CUSD ignores the District Attorney’s advice on improving transparency. Agenda March 12, 2012

CUSD has to cut up to $53 million (and counting … .) Here’s the plan (see agenda item). Does anyone really think this is a plan?

The documentation is very telling – a real eye-opener for CUSD taxpayers on how and why the district got into such deep financial trouble.

CUSD is proposing another increase in class size.

Here is the link to the agendas

There are some very interesting documents regarding the negotiations with the union in CUSD:

The school district’s initial proposal

The CSEA initial proposal

The CUEA initial proposal

Finally, here is the district’s plan to deal with the $53 million deficit