CCS News Update

CCS News Update

The April issue of Community Common Sense was released last week. Distribution in Mission Viejo includes home delivery to 20,000 residences, as well as newsstands around town.

Four articles focus on Mission Viejo:

On the front page, Larry Gilbert reveals the voting records of candidates running in the 5th District for the OC Board of Supervisors. Two candidates – Lisa Bartlett and Frank Ury – have particularly bad records according to the Liberty First website. Gilbert writes, “When election time rolls around, who do you vote for, especially when the June 2014 ballot has multiple candidates competing for the same seat?” Read more,

Ed Sachs’ article on page 7 asks city government to concentrate on residents’ basic needs instead of feel-good projects. He writes, “City councils manage basic services. Basic services include public safety, transportation flow and maintenance, city appearance, park maintenance, trash, restroom facilities and other related services.” Read more,

On page 8, Dale Tyler describes how a judge required State Assembly candidate Anna Bryson to correct her ballot statement. He writes, “Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne Chang ruled recently that Anna Bryson, Capistrano Unified School Board (“CUSD”) Trustee and current candidate for the California State Assembly 73rd District, made an illegal false and misleading statement in her official Candidate Statement.” Read more,

On page 9, Joe Holtzman writes, “Wendy Bucknum has announced her candidacy for the Mission Viejo City Council in the November election. Bucknum’s fundraiser will not be held in Mission Viejo, but rather in San Juan Capistrano at the Marbella Country Club.” Read more,

The entire April edition can be found at