Frank Ury Loses It

Frank Ury Loses It
by Larry Gilbert

What happened yesterday [April 16]? A group of 70 people expected a casual brunch at a San Juan Capistrano country club and ended with fireworks.

Apparently, a resident attending that brunch debate, which included Board of Supervisors candidates, asked Mission Viejo city councilman Frank Ury a rather easy question. She had a copy of the April Community Common Sense article written by me in which the Liberty First blog had given Frank an average grade of 69% for his voting between 2009 and 2011. Instead of defending his voting record, attendees told me he reacted with anger and went on the attack. Councilman Ury said the article was ghost-written by a supporter of Robert Ming named Chris Emami when in fact I wrote that report and submitted it to the publisher.

This was an opportunity for Ury to defend his vote, but that is not what happened. He blasted the Liberty First Scorecard, stating that the CCS was not credible, and he called the newspaper "rubbish."

Councilman Ury had a problem. He was in a box and knew it. When you can't defend yourself, go on the attack.  My article quoted directly from the Feb. 1, 2010, (Agenda item #7) city council meeting held the night before the (successful) Recall of mayor Lance MacLean. Member Ury promoted a key revision to the city manager's Employment Agreement's provisions relating to causes of termination. The City Manager could be terminated should he engage in "dishonesty, fraud, self-dealing, and willful misconduct committed in the performance of Wilberg's duties and responsibilities under this Agreement." Every one of those clauses was removed from the revised Contract. That was the only change in that 6th Agreement that is typically renewed between May and June 30th.

At the conclusion of the April 16 event, the president of the Capo Valley Republican Women Federated stated that "As long as I am the CVRWF president, that kind of remark has no place here." Readers can disagree with the OC Register the LA Times or CCS but that does not make the paper "rubbish."

Closing remarks. In my public testimony of Feb. 1, 2010, questioning the city manager’s Contract revision, I read an email response to the proposed amendment from attorney and former Fullerton Mayor Sean Nelson. He wrote: "The time for negotiation is prior to entering into an Agreement. The re-negotiation should have, at a minimum, some concessions on the part of the City Manager. May I ask, what has he offered in exchange for this benefit. If the answer is nothing, the renegotiation at this point would be completely improper." There were no concessions from the City Manager. I shared that email some time prior to the Feb. 1, 2010, Mission Viejo city council vote. 

Motion made by Council Member Ury, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Kelley, to incorporate changes presented by Mr. Wilberg and his attorney and accept them in total.

On roll call, said motion carried by the following vote:
Kelley, MacLean, and Ury
Ledesma and Schlicht