Wendy Bucknum Campaign Update

Wendy Bucknum Campaign Update
Part 12, a memo written by Bucknum resurfaces

Wendy Bucknum’s past has come back to bite her. Bucknum, a candidate in the November election for the Mission Viejo city council, is a professional lobbyist for the housing industry. Bucknum’s agenda to enrich special interest was exposed in an incisive article in the April edition of Community Common Sense, http://www.ccsense.com/2014/04/mission-viejo_11.html#more

A memo written by Bucknum in 2012 resurfaced last week in which she outlines her own liabilities. The occasion was her attempt to get the Or. Co. GOP Central Committee’s endorsement as a council candidate. She wrote to an elected official, giving him “talking points” to read on her behalf during the endorsing meeting. The official didn’t make comments during the meeting because the committee decided early in the discussion not to involve itself in the Mission Viejo council race.

Bucknum’s memo provided attempts to cover her backside. The first two issues should have been deal-killers for any Republican Central Committee member. Bucknum’s list of her own liabilities included:

  • Campaigning [in two elections] for a Democrat, including an effort to defeat the OC GOP slate of endorsed candidates
  • Her denial of supporting a labor union despite putting their yard sign in front of her house
  • Denials of being “immoral and unethical” [her words, her memo] in “the PCM issue at Laguna Woods” and the “Nadadores alleged sex scandal” [The accused coach was banned for life from working with children in swim clubs – it wasn’t just an allegation.]
  • Numerous references to her connections with elected officials as a lobbyist.

Bucknum’s ongoing liability appeared to escape her in 2012 when she was bragging about her lobbying job. She didn’t know then, but she knows now – her lobbying prowess and accomplishments don’t appear anywhere in her 2014 campaign for a council seat. When anyone refers to her as a lobbyist for the housing industry, she lately calls it “negative campaigning and bullying.” http://www.missionviejoca.org/html/article2113.html