Wendy Bucknum Campaign Update

Wendy Bucknum Campaign Update
Part 10, Pick a “character word” for these characters

Wendy Bucknum filed her most recent campaign finance report (Form 460) in January. She reported one of her donors is Steven Roseman, an attorney with Steven Roseman and Associates http://raattorneys.com/ . Among his specialties is homeowner associations – Bucknum’s industry as a lobbyist. Roseman’s firm is a member of the Community Association Institute (CAI), whose members are hosting Bucknum’s April. 30 fundraiser in San Juan Capistrano http://www.missionviejoca.org/html/article2112.html

This supporter of Bucknum got a mention in the Ripoff Report, where consumers post reviews of such things as scams, lawsuits and frauds. http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Steven-Alan-Roseman-California-State-Bar-163966/internet/Steven-Alan-Roseman-California-State-Bar-163966-RA-Attorneys-Los-Angeles-attorney-drives-904609

From the report on Roseman:

Los Angeles attorney drives HOA to the brink of financial disaster.

I am a member of a 194-unit PUD [Planned Unit Development]. Over two years ago a previous, power-heady and self-serving Board hired Steven Alan Roseman as our HOA attorney. With his legal help, the Board alternately terrorized and rewarded those who spoke against them or fell in line, while taking our reserves to the brink of disaster. 

Roseman consistently suggested ways to use his legal services and pad his pockets at the same time. Last year he charged us $37,343, which was $31,343 over our annual budget. So far this year, January through April, Steven Alan Roseman, State Bar #163966, has charged the LVHOA $23,681.58, roughly $21,000 over budget for the first four months of 2012. There is no attempt to put off non-urgent items to help keep us within our allotted budget; he is a constant drain on what few resources remain. There are many of us here who are working together to file a complaint with the State Bar, but I wonder how many other HOAs he has plundered?

Bucknum’s campaign website lately has a note about negative campaigning, which she fully engaged in during her 2012 run for city council. Bucknum’s website says, “Negative campaigning comes off as bullying... please don't support campaigns that bully other candidates. We can stop the madness.” In 2012, a Political Action Committee supporting Bucknum spent $8,000 on a hit piece against Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht. It was a particularly nasty personal attack.

If anyone needs further information about Bucknum’s bullying, check the audiotapes of commission meetings and listen to Bucknum yell into her microphone at Commissioner Steve Magdziak for frequently casting the sole vote against the rubberstamping majority.