The Disgustingly Rampant Frenzy

The disgustingly rampant frenzy
Letter to the editor

How else can you describe some of the recent actions and decisions of some Mission Viejo City Council members? Visual observations give me this impression after “Monday Night Live” this past year. For instance, the past mayor resembles a “bobble-head dolly,” nodding her head in approval even before the speaker resembling the “Town MacClown” has uttered two words of his rambling speeches.

It becomes uncannily more obvious week after week that agenda programs are (“well-planned”?), decided-upon-in-private before the citizens of Mission Viejo have a chance to present any sane suggestions.

Two past mayors who are still on the council are consistently being put down for requesting more consideration and time, especially when it comes to projecting cost overruns and foolhardy expenditures. Fortunately, the residents here will have the opportunity to elect new council members, soon to be introduced – without balloons, golden shovels and within the budget (we hope) we can afford.

Bill Cruse
Mission Viejo