ACT! for America Meets

ACT! for America Meets

The Mission Viejo Chapter of ACT! for America will meet on Mon., June 9. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. The meeting starts promptly at 7:30 p.m. and formally ends by 9:30 p.m. On the program will be the Orange County public premier of the new movie, “The Honor Diaries.” Culture is no excuse for abuse. This is the first film to break the politically correct silence on "honor violence" against women and girls in Islam.

The film is directed by Micah Smith, produced by Alex Traiman and written by Paula Kweskin.This powerful new film exposes the paralyzing political correctness that prevents people from identifying, understanding and addressing the abuse of women and children in Muslim-dominated societies. Restrictions on movement, denial of education, forced marriage, discriminatory law and female genital mutilation are systematically imposed on the most helpless members of society. The nine women in the film, who have experienced the hardships and abuses of the honor culture, tell about their personal experiences in an effort to stop the despicable treatment of women and children all over the Islamic world. 

Spurred by the Arab Spring, women who were once silent are starting to speak out about gender inequality and expose culturally endorsed oppression and abuse. This film provides a platform for leading human rights advocates and is designed to motivate others to speak out.

What You Will Learn:

  • What being a woman in an honor-based society is like on a day-to-day basis,
  • The constant abuse and exploitation of women and children in these patriarchal societies,
  • The vast scope and cultural consequences on societies that oppress, abuse and terrorize women,
  • How many women are killed each year to protect the “honor" of their families,
  • How you can help stop the oppression and abuse of women and children. 

Honor violence is violence against an individual, almost always a woman, who has “dishonored” her family. Victims of honor violence are targeted because their behavior appears to violate cultural or religious norms. The assailant believes that the only way to restore family honor is to harm or kill the victim.

Women are abused and murdered for a variety of reasons, including: talking to an unrelated man, refusing an arranged marriage, seeking a divorce, and displeasing or disobeying her husband or father. Victims are shot, stoned, burned, buried alive, strangled, smothered and stabbed in the name of restoring family honor. Women who have been raped are commonly murdered for the “dishonor” it brings to their family.

The film is 61 minutes long. After the film, there will be an optional discussion group for about 25 minutes. A $10 donation is appreciated to help cover the film rental and meeting room costs. The meeting location is the Norman P. Murray Community Center, Sycamore B Room, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo.

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