Wendy Bucknum Campaign Update

Wendy Bucknum Campaign Update
Part 17: lobbyist campaigns for other special-interest candidates

Wendy Bucknum, a professional lobbyist in the housing industry, is running for a Mission Viejo council seat in November. Previous articles in this series document Bucknum’s lobbying activities, her special-interest financiers, how she gets endorsements from elected officials and the payoffs elected officials expect in return for supporting a lobbyist

With Bucknum’s lobbyist job, it’s got to be annoying when she encounters ethical candidates who won’t sell their votes. While waiting for her own race for a council seat in November, Bucknum is on the front line for two candidates who are widely known as sellouts: Frank Ury for Board of Supervisors and Anna Bryson for State Assembly. If these candidates win in November, Bucknum will remind them – they owe her for pounding all their campaign signs into the ground.

For Orange County Board of Supervisors, Frank Ury is the worst possible choice. His voting record on the Mission Viejo city council is so horrendous that a newspaper published an article on his bad votes. It took an entire page: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JSZVRcGgbzY/Us8KEmqE68I/AAAAAAAACcM/ixxcqLzhhDg/s1600/Voting+ Record+of+Frank+Ury+web.jpg

The worst possible choice in the 73rd Assembly District race is Anna Bryson. Her voting record is as horrendous as Ury’s: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JSZVRcGgbzY/Us8KEmqE68I/AAAAAAAACcM/ixxcqLzhhDg/s1600/Voting+ Record+of+Frank+Ury+web.jpg

Bryson and Ury are stuffing voters’ mailboxes – great big mailers with great big lies. Bryson claims she reformed the Capo school district. During the time she’s been on the school board, the teachers’ union has completely taken over, thanks to her votes. Ury’s whoppers are so numerous, they would require another full-page newspaper article. Here’s an amusing article that summarizes Ury’s campaign: http://ocpoliticsblog.com/tag/robert-ming/

An obvious trait that Bucknum shares with Ury and Bryson is the need for Other People’s Money. Ury and Bryson’s chances improved dramatically last week when they received special-interest PAC money. Bucknum’s funds are almost exclusively from special-interest donors involved in the housing industry.

Bryson, Ury, Bucknum = BUB, all running as good ol’ boys. If Bryson and Ury survive the Primary Election, perhaps the three candidates can run as the Bubba slate