Mission Viejo Buzz - 05/24/14

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The Mission Viejo council majority of Ury, Reardon, Kelley and Leckness erred in 2012 by needlessly adding 12,000 homes to the high-risk fire-hazard zone. Their buffoonery put all those homeowners at risk for higher insurance rates, loss of insurance coverage and lower property values. Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht cast the sole vote against any rezoning. The rezoning did nothing to protect residents from the obvious fire risk to Mission Viejo homes: unmanaged brush on county and city property. Two weeks ago, residents in the fire zone began receiving letters from the Orange County Fire Authority. Most recipients were likely puzzled about how it happened, as they received no notice from the city on what the council majority did to them. The grand total is now 15,000 homes in the fire zone – the original 3,000 homes plus 12,000 added by the council majority members.


During the May 19 city council meeting, majority members Ury, Reardon, Kelley and Leckness had an opportunity to apologize to residents for the mistake of adding 12,000 homes to the fire zone. With increasing awareness among residents of the negative impacts of being rezoned, how did the council majority handle it? They denied homeowners are impacted at all! The Mission Viejo fire map fiasco was aired on a county blog last week, http://ocpoliticsblog.com/2014/05/21/why-did-frank-ury-stick-it-to-m-v-home-owners-by-putting-them-in-fire-hazard-zones/


Does anyone remember various housing developers’ claims that affordable housing is needed for firemen, policemen and teachers? Mission Viejo watchdogs have repeatedly demonstrated that those professionals make too much money to qualify for affordable housing in Orange County. Last week, a blog article revealed the astounding compensation figures for firefighters: http://ocpoliticsblog.com/2014/05/21/omg-ocfa-wtf/


Will Councilman Frank Ury change jobs again? He’s supposed to submit paperwork, Form 700, to keep the public informed about his employment, but has anyone ever seen his disclosures? It becomes difficult to assess his conflicts of interest when no one can keep up with all his job changes. From Stephen Frank’s May 22 article on California Political News and Views, “What Recovery? Hewlett-Packard to Fire 11-16,000 workers.” http://www.capoliticalreview.com/capoliticalnewsandviews/what-recovery-hewlett-packard-to-fire-11-16000-more/ Councilman Ury (now a candidate for the Or. Co. Board of Supervisors) said during a candidate forum that his current employer is Hewlett-Packard, where he “builds computers.” Does he mean he assembles them? On his ballot statement, Ury says he’s an engineer, but how long has it been since he had an engineering job? Ten years? Fifteen years?


Everyone should be aware that candidates pay to have their names listed on slate mailers. It’s paid advertising – first come, first served – that has nothing to do with qualifications or merit. One candidate in the 73rd Assembly District race, Paul Glaab, bought space on most of the slate mailers for the June 3 Primary. Since he has no grassroots support or other method of promoting himself in this election, his victory or defeat will be a testimony to the value of slate mailers.


Community Common Sense Newspaper www.CCSense.com has published its recommendations for the June 3, 2014, Primary Election.

Constitutional Voter Guide – California Primary Election, June 3, 2014

Listed below are Community Common Sense’s recommendations for local (Orange County) races and/or candidates, based on the candidates’ support for fiscal reform/responsibility and adherence to constitutional principles such as protection of personal freedoms and respect for property rights:

U.S. Representative, 45th Congressional District
No recommendation.

California State Senate, 36th District:
Pat Bates is unopposed.

California Assembly, 73rd District:
Jesse Petrilla - YES; Sterling voting record for upholding fiscal conservatism.

Board of Equalization, 4th District
Van Tran - YES

Diane Harkey - NO; accepted union money; endorses candidates who do not support the values she claims to support.

Superior Court Judges:

Office No. 14: Kevin Haskins - YES

Office No. 20: Helen Hayden - YES

Office No. 27: No recommendation; candidates are:
Democrat Janet Motoike, incumbent judge appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown
“No Party Preference” Wayne Philips has a private law practice – unknown political views

Office No. 35: Jeff Ferguson - YES

Orange County Board of Supervisors, 5th District
Robert Ming - YES; Fiscally conservative leader; excellent voting record.

Orange County Superintendent of Schools:
Al Mijares is unopposed.

Orange County Board of Education, Area 5:
Linda Lindholm - YES; supports school choice (Charter Schools), has not accepted union money.

Orange County Assessor:
Claude Parrish - YES

Orange County Auditor-Controller:
Frank Davies - YES; current OC Property Tax Director.

Orange County Clerk Recorder:
Hugh Nguyen - YES; incumbent with a good record.

Orange County District Attorney:
No recommendation.

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner:
Incumbent Sandra Hutchens is unchallenged.

Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector:
Incumbent Shari Friedenrich is unchallenged.

Steve Magdziak, Mission Viejo editor for CCS, is adding his personal recommendations:

No on Prop 41
Yes on Prop 42

Yes on Measure A