NewsBlog City Council Meeting 09/19

City Council Meeting, September 19, 2005

Mission Viejo residents had no representation on the council at the Sept. 19 meeting. The council voted 4-0 (with Gail Reavis absent) for a new housing development on the former Kmart site.

Around 15 public comments came from residents who opposed the project, including four written comments. The one in favor was mysterious, with a resident saying he was speaking for someone who was speaking for an organization. The outsiders promoting this project were connected with the developer.

Instead of representing the residents, “our” council advocated for the developer. The underlying question of why the city should accept more housing went unanswered. The project offers no benefit to the city, and long-term costs and services for the new residents will far outstrip developer fees.

Nearly all residents who commented, asked the council to put a measure on the ballot allowing residents to vote on zone changes. One councilman remarked that residents had already voted when they elected the council members, who would now make all decisions for them. He sarcastically suggested putting a Xerox machine out front for those who were all asking for the same thing. If we get the message, we shouldn’t bother commenting at all.

After the campaign promises in 2002 and 2004 from these council members of listening to the residents, alleviating traffic congestion, bringing in economic development, advocating for constituents, etc., the truth is now clear. I hope responsible adults will run against these so-called representatives in the next election.

Connie Lee

Resident, Mission Viejo