Steadfast - California Promise?

March 29, 2005

Mission Viejo, the “California Promise” What is happening to the “California Promise”? I moved from Santa Ana when the old orange groves were removed and replaced by apartments, then we moved to East Anaheim and the 91 freeway was build. In 1972, we moved to Mission Viejo because of “the promise” to live in a Master Planned Community where everything was spelled out, commercial, residential, schools, retail and light industry, no more surprises, it sounded like paradise.  Most people moved to Mission Viejo for the same reason; the desire to live in a city that “ensured the orderly physical growth of the community.” Mission Viejo's long-range planning goals and master strategy are embodied in its General Plan. 

So, what happened to the promise? Why would our city council consider changing the land use law to suit a developer, rather than keep “the promise” to the residents that voted them into office?

Mission Viejo residents do not want a zoning change; we want to keep the promise, our elected officials are not listening.

Steadfast purchased commercially zoned property at the corner of Jeronimo and Los Alisos on the north end of the city. Now they want to build a residential development on a commercially zoned parcel, and make us change our zoning laws. They should have purchased property already zoned residential. What was their mistake, should not become our mistake. Let’s send a message to other developers and the city council, utilize the property within the city the way it is zoned. The Master Plan has worked for 33 years; if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Lammerchina Allen
Proud Mission Viejo resident since 1972