NewsBlog - Welcome Target!

June 2005

Dear Editor:

As a homeowner in Mission Viejo, and a Target customer where ever they are located, I would like to say, with great enthusiasm, “CONGRATULATIONS TARGET!” for purchasing all 23.5 acres of the commercial parcel on Los Alisos Blvd. and Jeronimo next to Unisys.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the issue, Steadfast has been trying for two years to build high-density housing on the site zoned for commercial use. It's a relief to our neighborhood to learn Target bought the whole parcel, although its store will occupy only 13 acres.

Along with Target, the residents are to be congratulated for the addition of a retailer that will generate sales tax revenue for our city and jobs for residents. Some city officials who want more housing had falsely claimed the parcel was unmarketable for business use. (Remember this at election time!)

I hope Target continues to be a community-conscious corporation. After welcoming Target to our neighborhood, we should remind the corporation that residents expect commercial development on all 23.5 acres in accordance with the zoning. The neighborhood would greatly benefit from a new restaurant or other business destinations alongside Target.

Hats off to you TARGET!

Kathy Miramontes
Aliso Villas Condominium Association