Steadfast Project  - Why do we need it?

March 2005

My home is in close proximity to the commercially zoned area near the intersection of Jeronimo and Los Alisos, next to the Unisys site; immediately next to the parcel Steadfast Properties, of Newport Beach is attempting to coerce our City Council into re-zoning for residential use. As President of my Homeowners Association I am very familiar with the overwhelming problems in the area of Los Alisos and Jeronimo and the problems created by overcrowded neighborhoods because I live in one.

The city staff and council members might have the attitude “it’s just one more housing complex,” but Mission Viejo already has too many high-density projects. Haven’t we expressed the opinions and feelings of the general populace by attending council meetings, specially called citizens meetings and scoping meetings, to speak out in opposition? What does it take to let them know how we feel about developers approaching our city and insulting the residents by trying to force us to make changes that benefit the developer rather than our city and it’s residents? Each time they’ve come it has been with a different “plan”. 

They are NOT listening. Our elected officials do NOT owe Steadfast or any other developer any loyalty; however our elected officials do owe the voting taxpayers the respect to listen and vote against re-zoning.

Traffic, parking, overcrowding and vandalism have reached nightmarish proportions in my neighborhood. I would not wish any of the problems we experience due to overcrowding on another neighborhood. I find it difficult to understand why our elected representatives are not considering the residents in dealing with the unscrupulous developers. We do not need or want more housing. The burden on residents cannot be mitigated by developer fees.

I would invite anyone to drive into Aliso Villas and try to find parking before 7am or after 5pm. It is embarrassing to invite visitors for an evening and don’t even consider having company over the weekend, there is absolutely no place to park. Residents arriving home after 5 or 6pm had better have on their walking shoes; if they are carrying groceries be prepared to carry them at least 2 blocks to their home, if they are lucky enough to find parking that close!

I’m baffled why any elected representative would hold the door open for more development, more cars, more overcrowding and more crime. Our city is not taking care of existing problems and should not beg for more. I ask my fellow citizens to join me in urging the City Council to VOTE NO TO RE-ZONING any part of Mission Viejo, keep commercial commercial and residential residential.

Kathy Miramontes
Aliso Villas Condominium Association