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It seems our city has stepped onto the slippery slope of providing more high density housing into our city, kowtowing to the demands of out of town developers and buckling under the pressure of the State and the do-gooder Public Law Center’s social engineering for more ‘low income housing’. (“City approves new housing”, SVN, Sept 23). Never mind a master plan that has served our citizens well for decades by providing a community where thousands of families have invested their futures. Never mind that population increase and traffic congestion in our city will only get worse, with no city plan for its improvement. Never mind that few, if any, or our surrounding communities seem to be burdened with the yoke of providing additional low income housing. But, of course, we in Mission MUST provide more socially engineered low income housing, regardless of the economic realities. So a weak-kneed city council and planning commission caved in. Get ready for the ‘new Mission Viejo’.

Further down that slippery slope is the commercially-zoned property at the corner of Jeronimo and Los Alisos. Steadfast Corporation (another out of town developer) has been pressuring the city staff and council for several years to put many homes and low-income apartments at the property next to Unisys. It is not clear that our current city council majority and planning commission are not pre-dispositioned to allow this degradation to our community.  If you are unconcerned about the problems related to more high density, low-income housing, then do nothing. If you care, then speak out to the planning commission and city council, and/or vote them out of office.

Frankly, I am tired of out of town developers, such as Steadfast, coming into our community, investing millions to buy property while being fully aware of our existing zoning restrictions, and then schmoozing or pressuring our city staff, planning commission, and city council into changing our city master plan, and zoning and building regulations to suit their own profit objectives, with little or no regard to the current citizens of our community.

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