NewsBlog - Steadfast Plans

March 2005

To the Editor,

I am a resident of Mission Viejo and wanted to voice my opinon regarding the cities plans for development near the intersection of Los Alisos and Jeronimo.

I agree with much of the letter written last week by Kathy Miramontes, who objected to Steadfast's proposed housing development next to Unisys. I live near Unisys, and the problems of overcrowding, traffic, parking and vandalism have become huge burdens to homeowners.

The Steadfast representative who wrote a letter last week said current plans were developed with input from Mission Viejo residents. What part of "no housing" does he not understand? Residents have been very clear and uniform in their rejection of Steadfast's housing plans.

I am encouraging Mission Viejo residents to come out swinging against this proposed housing development. It's time for Steadfast to develop the property for commercial use or sell it to someone who will develop it appropriately. Our city has enough housing, residents and cars. We need economic development -- jobs, services and tax revenue from business -- not more homebuilding.

It seems that the City Government of Mission Viejo does not have the best interest of the residents in mind, It is they who should be working on our behalf on issues such as this.

Wayne Drudy